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Taking Photos

Print this page and use as a reference guide.

1. Use a digital camera. Download the photographs to your computer, accurately name each photograph according to its content, and email them to me.

2. To avoid overexposure from bright daylight or sun, take the photos in the late afternoon, evening, or on a cloudy day. Take photos with the flash on. With my Photoshop Elements software, it’s easier to decrease the brightness in a photo than it is to increase the brightness. So remember, flash on!

3. Room photos (see diagram): Stand in the middle of the room, face the North wall, and take your first photo. Working your way around the room, continue taking photos of each wall: East, South, and West, in that manner. It may be necessary to take more than one photo of each wall in order to capture all of the elements on that side of the room. Name each photo: North, East, South, and West, accordingly.

4. Window and Door photos: If space allows, face the window or door head-on and take the picture.

For oversized windows and doors that cannot be captured in one photo, take photos from different angles.

For windows and doors that are grouped together, or grouped with other elements in the room (i.e., flanking a fireplace), take a photo showing the grouping (see diagram).

Name each photo as described in item #3 above.

5. Take close-up photos of rugs, furniture, pillows, artwork, and accessories as they appear in the room now. If you would like me to use these items in the new design, please include these items and their measurements on the Furniture Measuring Guide.

6. Include photos of any adjoining rooms so I can get a feeling of what your personal style is, and work to pull in schemes from other rooms, and coordinate accordingly.